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Re: rfc822 date handling in imap4d/util.c

From: Sergey Poznyakoff
Subject: Re: rfc822 date handling in imap4d/util.c
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2001 11:28:54 +0300


> This appears to be becomeing the official GNU mailutils greeting, so
> what do you guys think? Fight the unilingualism of POP3 servers!
> +  fprintf (ofile, "+OK Bonjour, POP3 Ready %s\r\n", md5shared);

Je suis d'accord. Votre avis, Alain? Mieux vaudrait mettre:

> +  fprintf (ofile, "+OK Bonjour, POP3 est pret %s\r\n", md5shared)

mais ici nous manquons le circonflexe...

>   Pulled the code out so it could be linked by imap4d, since imap4d's
>   implementation of this had sscanf bugs, and was essentially identical.
>   It should be prototyped, but I don't know what the plan for sharing
>   this kind of stuff is.
It would be very useful to have extern imap_envelope_date() function,
but it seems you have forgotten the attachment :(

>   Also implemented the timezone, I think.
There are some problems with it, though. struct tm does not have
members tm_gmtoff and tm_zone on GNU/Linux (with libc 5) and
on Solaris. They are present on FreeBSD, though. GNU/Linux's struct tm
has two fields (long int __tm_gmtoff__ and __const char *__tm_zone__)
which are not used now. So we are facing a portability problem. We
could test for existence of these fields in configure.in, but what
to do when they are absent? I believe we need a workaround. A possible
solution would be to have our version of mktime, say mu_mktime(),
which whould take care of TZ properly. What do you think?

> -util_parse_rfc822_date (char *date, time_t *timep)
> +util_parse_ctime_date (char *date, time_t *timep)
Mea culpa! The name was actually a misnomer. Thanks a lot!

I have fixed sscanf() format bugs in util.c. Thanks for noticing.
The patches for pacifying gcc -Wall were also applied. I have tested
the stuff, it is working fine. The only thing I was not able to
apply was

> +  if(imap_parse_date_time(datep, &tm))

since the function is not defined anywhere.

Au revoir,

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