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bug#51731: [PATCH] gnome-tweaks fails to start on core-updates-frozen

From: Liliana Marie Prikler
Subject: bug#51731: [PATCH] gnome-tweaks fails to start on core-updates-frozen
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2021 18:32:35 +0100
User-agent: Evolution 3.34.2


Am Dienstag, den 09.11.2021, 23:10 +0000 schrieb Vivien Kraus:
> I fixed a couple of linter errors, and applied guix style to
> it. However, now the linter complains that we have the "bin" output
> of glib in something that would be called "glib" and not "glib:bin"…
> Should we still keep the styled output?
IIUC that's an issue with the linter or perhaps the implementation of
short input lists in general.  I've CC'd Ludo as he is the one who
allowed us to write inputs (list bash sed ...) in the first place,
perhaps he knows what to do here.  We probably ought to convert this to
short-style inputs anyway.

> Subject: [PATCH 1/5] gnu: gnome-tweaks: Use libhandy 1.
Note, libhandy 0.0 only exists on master (and therefore core-updates),
because there are packages still using it.  If there's no more users
post updating gnome-tweaks, it is to be removed!

> Subject: [PATCH 2/5] gnu: gnome-tweaks: Set the python path.
Nice catch, I think this was previously done by a different phase. 
> gnu/packages/gnome.scm (gnome-tweaks)[phases]: Also wrap with
Please note the phase and perhaps change its name to reflect what it

> Subject: [PATCH 3/5] gnu: gnome-tweaks: gobject-introspection should
> be a native input.
I'm not sure this is the correct move here.  Python uses GI at runtime,
not natively during build.  If gnome-tweaks requires GI at build time,
it's to be added as both inputs.

> Subject: [PATCH 4/5] gnu: gnome-tweaks: Add bash-minimal as an input
> to wrap the program.
Split the long line.  Also perhaps add a comment in the file itself as
to why this is needed if it's not already obvious from best practises
in core-updates-frozen.

> Subject: [PATCH 5/5] gnu: gnome-tweaks: Style it.
This should probably done first, particularly if it helps avoid the
linter complaints you encounter.

In my personal opinion, 1, 3, 4 and 5 could also be done in a single
commit, though YMMV.  Also, I'm not active on core-updates-frozen, so
take everything I said as lexical analysis at best and with sufficient
amounts of salt.


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