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bug#51731: [PATCH] gnome-tweaks fails to start on core-updates-frozen

From: Vivien Kraus
Subject: bug#51731: [PATCH] gnome-tweaks fails to start on core-updates-frozen
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2021 09:06:26 +0000
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Liliana Marie Prikler <liliana.prikler@gmail.com> writes:
>> > > Subject: [PATCH 4/5] gnu: gnome-tweaks: Add bash-minimal as an
>> > > input to wrap the program.
>> > Split the long line.  Also perhaps add a comment in the file itself
>> > as to why this is needed if it's not already obvious from best
>> > practises in core-updates-frozen.
>> It’s flagged by the linter, because wrapping a program produces a
>> shell script that needs to be executed.
> "Flagged by the linter" is not a good description in a commit message
> or elsewhere.  I think a few packages on c-u-frozen might have a
> comment along the lines of "; for wrap-program" or similar.
I wrote "to execute the wrapper program" in a comment.

I also updated it to the core-updates-frozen-batched-changes merge,
because we need an older meson now, and libsoup2 for seahorse.


Attachment: 0001-gnu-gnome-tweaks-Use-libhandy-1.patch
Description: Use libhandy 1 in gnome-tweaks

Attachment: 0002-gnu-gnome-tweaks-Set-the-python-path.patch
Description: Wrap python path in gnome-tweaks

Attachment: 0003-gnu-gnome-tweaks-Add-bash-minimal-as-an-input.patch
Description: Use bash-minimal to run the wrapped gnome-tweaks

Attachment: 0004-gnu-gnome-tweaks-Use-meson-0.59.patch
Description: Use meson 0.59 in gnome-tweaks

Attachment: 0005-gnu-gcr-Upgrade-to-3.41.0.patch
Description: Upgrade gcr

Attachment: 0006-gnu-seahorse-Use-libsoup-2.patch
Description: Fix seahorse to use libsoup 2

Attachment: 0007-gnu-seahorse-Upgrade-to-41.0.patch
Description: Upgrade seahorse

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