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[bug #40363] TFTP: Files bigger than 63 MB generate "error: timeout read

From: Vladimir Serbinenko
Subject: [bug #40363] TFTP: Files bigger than 63 MB generate "error: timeout reading `/boot/initrd'."
Date: Sat, 26 Oct 2013 02:17:39 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #4, bug #40363 (project grub):

If packet for 10000 reaches GRUB before packet FFFF then packet 10000 would be
considered to come before FFFF and will be processed as delayed retransmission
and GRUB will discard it but (re)send ack for 0000, then it will take packet
for FFFF and process it correctly, send ack for FFFF. Then server will see ack
for FFFF and 0000 which it will interpret as 10000 and go on with sending
10001 and GRUB will wait for 10000 which it will never receive. The reason why
it worked for you is combination of #40293 and your network being perfect (no
losses or duplicates). The full problem is more complex than casting few
types. In general there is no solution. Imagine that packet for 00000 got
duplicate in network and delayed and arrives at the same time as FFFF and
before 10000. Then there is no way to distinguish this situation from packet
10000 arriving. You can handle it only by introducing some assumptions. The
most sensible is that you never have packets more than 0x8000 apart. Then
(grub_int16_t)(a-b) would give correct compare. Please try attached patch.

(file #29471)

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