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[bug #40363] TFTP: Files bigger than 63 MB generate "error: timeout read

From: Bernhard Übelacker
Subject: [bug #40363] TFTP: Files bigger than 63 MB generate "error: timeout reading `/boot/initrd'."
Date: Sat, 26 Oct 2013 13:18:54 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #5, bug #40363 (project grub):

When the block number gets over 0xffff the last
packet gets ack'ed twice and grub shows this error:

error: not an IP.

(Due to an tcpdump at the tftp server; the tftp server
itself is logging that the file was sent successfully.)
(With the patch #29471 tftp.diff applied on top of
yesterdays git c16535a845dcbb2b1d3b42994d3b72b8dc088a38)

I think this is because ack_sent stores only the 2 byte
block number.

When storing in ack_sent the real block number like in
attached patch it works when the block number turns over.
(And works also for smaller files.)

(Tested indeed only in a tiny network with one VM as server,
one VM and one PC as clients.)

(file #29478)

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0001-TFTP-Handle-overflow-in-blocknumber-fixes-bug-40363-try-4.patch Size:2 KB


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