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remote OS installation - grub 15 error

From: Joslin, Andy
Subject: remote OS installation - grub 15 error
Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2008 11:01:29 -0600

Grub 0.97, CentOS 4.4 based distro

I’m seeing a weird issue.  In an ATCA shelf, installing the OS over the network works fine, until I plug in a serial cable wired to a serial console server(tested with multiple brands (MRV, Cyclades), with software flowcontrol.

If there is no serial cable connected, all works fine

If there is a serial cable and active session connected and monitoring the serial port, all works fine.

If there is a serial cable but no active session monitoring the console, then the OS Install hangs(waited days before I power cycled), resulting in a grub 15 error.

If I change the serial console server to use hardware flow control, then all works fine, except I can’t login afterwards, since agetty is using software flowcontrol (I don’t have control over these settings)

My question is this.  Is it conceivable that this is a grub issue, is it probing the serial port for some reason? Is there a way to disable this probe, in order for OS installation to function with software flowcontrol?

Thank you,


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