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go back to older version

From: fuzzie1300
Subject: go back to older version
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2008 15:08:42 -0500

I have been trying to go back to an older version of grub as savedefault is broken on Fedora Core 6.  I had .97-13 installed and have just installed .95-3.  Now, when I do echo "savedefault --default=1 --once" | grub, it seems to work (no error unlike .97 with the :27 command not recognized / not found), but when I cat grub.conf, it hasn't changed anything.  I tried --verbose on both .97 and .95, but nothing is verbose about the output.

Am I using the right version that had the savedefault working?  What else can I try to fix this?  It's important for me to get this going so I can save the planet and have my system halt through grub.

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