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How Do I Install GRUB Program Files to FAT32 Partition

From: sburtchin
Subject: How Do I Install GRUB Program Files to FAT32 Partition
Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2006 02:34:55 -0700 (PDT)

I plan to create a multiboot system with several versions of Windows and also
2 or 3 Linux distros, Solaris, and FreeBSD.  The first partition on HD0 will
be for a DOS v7.10 rescue os formatted FAT32.  I want to have DOS here
because I am very familiar with it and I have a lot of tools that work in
DOS.  This DOS will be used strictly for utility purposes like image &
restore, file recovery, etc.  I would like also to store my GRUB stage_1.5
and stage_2 here with stage_1 in the MBR.  By having the GRUB program files
in "\boot" on the DOS partition, in the event of total system failure I can
restore track0 and the DOS partition in just a few minutes and have GRUB
back and all my disk editing tools at hand.

The GRUB manual indicates that it is flexible about where to install the
Stage_1.5 and Stage_2 files, but does not give any specific examples for
non-Linux filesystems.  I would prefer to install GRUB using the Knoppix
Live CD?  This would work best because I would like to get GRUB and Windows
going quickly before I get into the Linux installs.  I'm using GRUB for
Windows now and have read the GRUB manual a few times, but it is not
installed to the MBR.

I have limited Linux experience (used Knoppix a few times) and some limited
experience on various UNIX's.  How can I install the GRUB program to "hda1"
using Knoppix given that it will be formatted FAT32.  Thanks in advance for
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