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Re: How Do I Install GRUB Program Files to FAT32 Partition

From: sburtchin
Subject: Re: How Do I Install GRUB Program Files to FAT32 Partition
Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2006 02:47:10 -0700 (PDT)

adrian15 wrote:
> At last! Hope that it will give feedback for new exciting features for 
> Super Grub Disk.
I'll get the Super Grub Disk and send the feedback if I think of any needed

adrian15 wrote:
> You have to create:
> c:\boot
> c:\boot\grub
> folders
> You have to find in your knoppix cd the grub files: stage1, stage2 
> stage1_5* which can be found on /lib/grub or /usr/lib/grub
> to c:\boot\grub
> Then you have to reinstall grub on the MBR. I recommend you to use
> Super Grub Disk's ( http://adrian15.raulete.net/grub/ ) option:
> Fix Boot of Linux (GRUB) inside Linux menu.
> Although you can follow some manuals that tells you how to fix grub from 
> a knoppix cd. (root (hd0,0) setup (hd0) )
I was'nt expecting it to be so easy!  So then the GRUB "root" can be on any
filesystem for which there is a "stage_1.5" file, and the install procedure
is the same (root (hd#,#) setup (hd#) )?

adrian15 wrote:
> As long as it is a FAT32 you cannot install grub to hda1 (boot sector of 
> first partition) but to the MBR. If you force grub to install it on 
> hda1... you will probably loose all the files on FAT32 partition.
Thanks for the warning.

I noticed that if I defrag, the stage_2 file can get moved, then GRUB can't
find it.  Is there a way to lock it down to a specific starting sector, just
as the os has certain files at predefined locations?

Could you clarify a couple of GRUB comands:

Does the command "partnew" only write values into the MPT (ie. the partition
itself is not touched)?
So the command "partnew (hd0,3) 0x0F 2071440 10508400" would replace the
current contents of the fourth position in the MPT on the first disk with a
definition of an Extended partition starting at LBA 2071440 with a length of
10508400 sectors?

Can I use eg. "partnew (hd1,2) 0x00 0 0" to blank one of the MPT entries? 
Is my syntax correct?

Is there an equivalent GRUB command for writing to EPT's?  OR, is there a
GRUB command that can write a specific sector?  I want to share an extended
partition, but the last logical partition for DOS & Win3.1 will be in the
middle of the extended partition for the more advanced os's.  Therefore, the
second  entry in this EPT should be different depending on the os being

Can the command "parttype" be used with logical partitions as well as
primary ones (eg. "parttype (hd0,7) 0x0C")?
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