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Re: A20 patch

From: David Seikel
Subject: Re: A20 patch
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2006 04:29:44 +1000

On Sun, 23 Jul 2006 13:39:58 +0200 address@hidden

> Ok, so both -legacy and -2 are labelled alpha... I don't recall any 
> message saying "GRUB2 is now considered as stable as -legacy, do 
> consider switching to it". Is GRUB2's stablity on par with -legacy?
> Do you encourage users to make the switch?

And while we are at it...

Does GRUB2 have network and compression support yet?  If not, when are
they likely to happen?  Those are the two keeping me on GRUB-legacy.

To go into deeper details, I'm putting together a distro which can boot
via a few methods, network and floppy disk being two of those methods.
For floppy booting, I need to compress as much as possible, so I prefer
to not use what I refer to as "legacy compression" algos like gz or bz2,
but more modern ones which compress better.  I need to compress GRUB,
linux kernel, and the initrd.  I would really prefer having only one
lot of decompression code on the floppy, so GRUB is the ideal place for
it, as it con decompress itself and the kernel + initrd.

For network booting, I need a GRUB with support for as many different
NICs as possible, so that people can plug an arbitrary computer into
the network and have a good chance of being able to network boot it.
For those without network booting capability, they can boot from the
floppy version, which will offer the choice of loading the OS from the

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