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Re: A20 patch

From: anders
Subject: Re: A20 patch
Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2006 13:39:58 +0200

Marco Gerards wrote:
>address@hidden writes:
>Before this gets out of control, I'd like to clarify a few things.
>There is too much confusion already.  I'm very sorry I was the one who
>started this. :-/

>> That may very well be the case, but... GRUB2 has been rather heavily
>> adveertised as alpha material, while grub-legacy has been advertised as
>> abandonned, leaving prospective users wondering what to do.
>GRUB Legacy has always been alpha software too.
>I think the reason why Okuji asked me why I did something for GRUB
>Legacy is a sane question.  I did a lot of work on GRUB 2 already and
>Okuji and me are the maintainers.  It's quite weird to see the
>maintainer of GRUB 2 to send in a patch for GRUB Legacy.
>The reason why I send in a patch for GRUB Legacy has nothing to do how
>I think or feel about GRUB 2.  I am still very interested in GRUB 2
>and plan to do a lot more GRUB 2 hacking when I have the time.  The
>reason why I sent in a patch was because I am working on it for
>google's Summer of Code.  So it has nothing to do with personal
>interest, it's just something I had to do.
>That said, it's clear to me that most work should be done on GRUB 2.
>And that is what I will do and hope anyone will do.  GRUB 2 is easier
>to maintain, easier to hack and has more potential.  I think I will
>send in yet another patch for GRUB Legacy, with the same reason as the
>previous patch.  But after that it is good old GRUB 2 hacking for me
>again. :-)

Thanks for the clatification. I had no idea you were a GRUB2 developer,
and have definetly no intention to start a flamewar or anything.

Ok, so both -legacy and -2 are labelled alpha... I don't recall any 
message saying "GRUB2 is now considered as stable as -legacy, do 
consider switching to it". Is GRUB2's stablity on par with -legacy?
Do you encourage users to make the switch?


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