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Is there a nofb equivalent for grub menu display?

From: Reshat Sabiq
Subject: Is there a nofb equivalent for grub menu display?
Date: Mon, 2 May 2005 16:15:51 -0500 (EST)

I've installed grub on a dual-processor, triple-monitor system, where the
default monitor is a BarcoMed, for which FC3 distro, for instance, doesn't
appear to have any working drivers, including vesa and fb. I am able to
see the initial background image when booting from a Rescue CD or Knoppix,
however, in order to be able to do anything thereafter i have to provide
the nofb kernel param.

My question is about the grub splash screen. When it's enabled in this
setup, no menu, in fact nothing, can be seen during boot, although if you
ht space, and then Enter it is equivalent to going to the menu and booting
the default option. I wonder if setting something like a nofb flag in grub
would make the splash screen work, but i suspect there is no such flag.

P.S. The BarcoMed monitors are 256 color, greyscale, so the images i see
during rescue CD, or Knoppix boot are greyscale. Nonetheless, those are
shown, and do look better that text-mode.

Thanks in advance,

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