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grub fails to properly sync xfs

From: David Everly
Subject: grub fails to properly sync xfs
Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2005 15:34:34 -0600
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I'm using grub 0.95+cvs200406 on Debian GNU/Linux.

Under XFS, sync() does not suffice to force data from the log/journal
onto the disk so that the raw device can see it.  With XFS the data is
only forced into the on-disk journal.  Instead, one must freeze to force
it to completely write it to disk, and then immediately thaw to allow
continued writing.

So I think perhaps in these cases instead of "sync ()" found in
grub/asmstub.c, grub/main.c, and lib/device.c; in the case of XFS,
perhaps xfsctl (#include <xfs/libxfs.h>) should be used with
XFS_IOC_FREEZE and then after flushing is finished, XFS_IOC_THAW to
allow continued writing.

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