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pic rejects nested expr<posn,posn>

From: M. Douglas McIlroy
Subject: pic rejects nested expr<posn,posn>
Date: 27 May 2009 21:41:03 -0400

pic 1.20.1 likes centroid1, but reports a syntax
error on expanding centroid2.  Both should be OK 
according to the syntax given in pic.ps that comes
with the distribution.

define centroid1 { (2/3)<$3,(1/2)<$1,$2>> }
define centroid2 { (1/3)<(1/2)<$1,$2>,$3> }
A: "A" at 0,0
B: "B" at 1,0
C: "C" at 0,1
"+" at centroid1(A,B,C)
"+" at centroid2(A,B,C)

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