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Problem with GROFF

From: Wells, Kenneth
Subject: Problem with GROFF
Date: Mon, 18 May 2009 10:16:46 -0500

I have installed Groff on two systems – On my DEV server it is working fine and having no problems.


GNU troff (groff) version 1.17.2

GNU grops (groff) version 1.17.2



I have performed a MKSYSB of the server and then built a mirrored system from the mksysb. When I try to issue a command on the new server – I get the following error message


qaix01.root:tplqa_tcp: /it/users >groff -t addken |qprt -P mis3

grops:<standard input>:4:fatal error: cannot create temporary file: No such file

 or directory

qaix01.root:tplqa_tcp: /it/users >groff -v



Any ideas?


Ken Wells
IT Infrastructure

ACS: ITO/Recovery Services
Office: 847.755.7442
Cell :  810.348.1824
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