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bug#22443: new snapshot available: grep-2.22.33-43f6

From: sur-behoffski
Subject: bug#22443: new snapshot available: grep-2.22.33-43f6
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 2016 14:56:59 +1030
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On 02/03/16 16:37, Jim Meyering wrote:
Part of preparing for a release is to ensure that "make distcheck"
works, and it did not: the post-build "make clean" failed to remove
one of the files the build had created. Fixing that required a
gnulib tweak, which in turn required a grep commit to update
to that latest gnulib commit, so I've made one more snapshot,
just in case. I expect to make the release tomorrow.

grep snapshot:
   http://meyering.net/grep/grep-ss.tar.xz      1.3 MB

Have tried configure/make/make check on:


for an x86_64 Gentoo system:

        - gcc 4.9.3  p1.2;
        - GNU/Linux kernel 4.3.5-gentoo;
        - glibc 2.21-r1;

and there were no errors reported:

        Testsuite summary for GNU grep 2.22.33-43f6
        # TOTAL: 138
        # PASS:  132
        # SKIP:  6
        # XFAIL: 0
        # FAIL:  0
        # XPASS: 0
        # ERROR: 0


sur-behoffski (Brenton Hoff)
Programmer, Grouse Software

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