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Re: [bug-grep] Bug in grep 2.5.1a (+ patch to fix it)

From: Tim Waugh
Subject: Re: [bug-grep] Bug in grep 2.5.1a (+ patch to fix it)
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2005 11:07:32 +0100
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On Thu, Apr 28, 2005 at 10:28:54AM +0100, Gordon Lack wrote:

>    However, I'm started reporting this as a bug in grep, not in Fedora. 
> It isn't of much use for people collecting the grep source from the GNU
> repository if fixes are only in a Fedora distribution as additonal
> patches.

The Fedora CVS is a pristine GNU grep release plus patches.  The GNU
CVS is a full tree, tagged at release.  GNU grep is the real grep, but
it so happens that I'd made a few patches for it for the Fedora

>    I'm now getting a little confused as to whether I'm talking to Fedora
> development or Grep development.

address@hidden is the GNU grep development list.  Bugzilla is
Fedora, and I mostly concern myself with Fedora packaging of grep
rather than grep hacking per se, although of course I hope that my
patches (or at least, equivalent patches to fix the original bugs) are
incorporated into GNU grep CVS.

> The Changelog at savannah.gnu.org indicates that my original fix
> (reported as fixed in Fedora) has gone into the GNU code.  (However,
> I can't run CVS through my firewall, so I can't download CVS
> code...)

Yes.  Upgrading the Fedora package to the next grep release might be a
bit time-consuming due to having different fixes for the same problem,
that's all.  My problem, not yours. :-)


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