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[open-cobol-list] generation bug

From: Sergey Kashyrin
Subject: [open-cobol-list] generation bug
Date: Fri Dec 23 21:55:06 2005

The code
      01  MYOCC        PIC 9(8) COMP VALUE 123.

produces in C
 cob_get_int (&f_5) = 123;

as of Dec 23 latest CVS

I don't feel it's platform-dependent but just in case it's Sparc Solaris 9, GCC 
3.4.2, 64-bit mode.
flex & bison are also latest and 64-bit - maybe one of them is bringing this 
problem ?
Can anybody confirm if it works or no on other platform ?

Does anybody have a plans to do implementation which will not use GCC 
extensions ?
I mean both in the compiler/library (i.e. char x[variable] should be changed to 
char * x = (char *) alloca(variable), etc)
and in code generation (i.e. possibility not to use computed goto and funny 
struct assignment)
Actually it's not that many types of changes, but to do all of them under 
"ifdef" will make the code unreadable.

BTW It took for me only 2 days to move the release to VS2005 (64-bit mode AMD, winxp64) including the changes in code generation, but it's too many changes to do that each new release :-) I'd better get CVS from the beginning. I didn't run full test suite but as a matter of fact group of my test programs were working including some with ESQL (Oracle 10g 64-bit)


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