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[open-cobol-list] Re: Generation bug VS2005

From: Roger While
Subject: [open-cobol-list] Re: Generation bug VS2005
Date: Sat Dec 24 01:55:08 2005

> Sergey wrote
> produces in C
>  cob_get_int (&f_5) = 123;

Can you provide a sample program that produces this ?
(Send it directly to me)
Or do you mean that generally all COMP fields are producing this ?

> I don't feel it's platform-dependent but just in case it's Sparc Solaris 9, GCC 3.4.2, 64-bit mode. > flex & bison are also latest and 64-bit - maybe one of them is bringing this problem ?
> Can anybody confirm if it works or no on other platform ?

Did you try using the snapshot tarball at :
http://www.sim-basis.de/open-cobol-0.33.tar.gz  ?

This is a (pre-) release tarball where the bison/flex code is
pregenerated. That means that a make will not call bison/flex.

> Does anybody have a plans to do implementation which will not use GCC extensions ?
> I mean both in the compiler/library (i.e. char x[variable] should be
> changed to char * x = (char *) alloca(variable), etc)

I thought I had got rid of these constructs. Did I miss some ?
Will take another look.

> and in code generation (i.e. possibility not to use computed goto and funny struct assignment) > Actually it's not that many types of changes, but to do all of them under "ifdef" will make the code unreadable.

Can you send your changes to me ? I will take a look.


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