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Re: [Bug-gnubg] OS/X: Interim solution to fix GNUbg on Yosemite - FOLLOW

From: Michael Petch
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] OS/X: Interim solution to fix GNUbg on Yosemite - FOLLOWUP - try again
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2014 20:13:50 -0600
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If you did the curl command and it didn't work the first time, try
again. I made a last minute change that I didn't think would hurt, but
it may have. I have updated the server file that curl requests. So if
you do the curl command it will retrieve an updated one. The command
below has also been updated to avoid email clients mangling the command.

sudo curl www.capp-sysware.com/downloads/gnubg/gnubg.x11 -o

After doing this command I suggest a reboot to eliminate any possibility
of X11 processes laying around from before interfering.

Please be aware that it seems with each release of OS/X the first time
you launch GNUbg (or update X11/Xquarts) it can take a few minutes. this
seems to be getting progressively longer. It isn't GNUbg processing it
is OS/X working under the hood with X11 stuff.

Michael Petch
CApp::Sysware Consulting Ltd.
OpenPGP FingerPrint=D81C 6A0D 987E 7DA5 3219 6715 466A 2ACE 5CAE 3304

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