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Re: [Bug-gnubg] (OT) Position ID documentation

From: bgnj
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] (OT) Position ID documentation
Date: Mon, 7 Jun 2010 22:28:03 -0700 (PDT)

Massimiliano Maini-3 wrote:
> NC_pos += D(M+1,15-1) * (D(25-M+1, 15) - 1)
> I still get:
> NC pos:        3085625541477601, 3.09e+15

I modified my program to compute using your formula:

M=1, P1=15, P2=15471286559, P1*P2=232069298385, total=232069298385
M=2, P1=120, P2=9364199759, P1*P2=1123703971080, total=1355773269465
M=3, P1=680, P2=5567902559, P1*P2=3786173740120, total=5141947009585
M=4, P1=3060, P2=3247943159, P1*P2=9938706066540, total=15080653076125
M=5, P1=11628, P2=1855967519, P1*P2=21581190310932, total=36661843387057
M=6, P1=38760, P2=1037158319, P1*P2=40200256444440, total=76862099831497
M=7, P1=116280, P2=565722719, P1*P2=65782237765320, total=142644337596817
M=8, P1=319770, P2=300540194, P1*P2=96103737835380, total=238748075432197
M=9, P1=817190, P2=155117519, P1*P2=126760485351610, total=365508560783807
M=10, P1=1961256, P2=77558759, P1*P2=152112581441304, total=517621142225111
M=11, P1=4457400, P2=37442159, P1*P2=166894679526600, total=684515821751711
M=12, P1=9657700, P2=17383859, P1*P2=167888095064300, total=852403916816011
M=13, P1=20058300, P2=7726159, P1*P2=154973615069700, total=1007377531885711
M=14, P1=40116600, P2=3268759, P1*P2=131131497299400, total=1138509029185111
M=15, P1=77558760, P2=1307503, P1*P2=101408311376280, total=1239917340561391
M=16, P1=145422675, P2=490313, P1*P2=71302628047275, total=1311219968608666
M=17, P1=265182525, P2=170543, P1*P2=45225023361075, total=1356444991969741
M=18, P1=471435600, P2=54263, P1*P2=25581509962800, total=1382026501932541
M=19, P1=818809200, P2=15503, P1*P2=12693999027600, total=1394720500960141
M=20, P1=1391975640, P2=3875, P1*P2=5393905605000, total=1400114406565141
M=21, P1=2319959400, P2=815, P1*P2=1890766911000, total=1402005173476141
M=22, P1=3796297200, P2=135, P1*P2=512500122000, total=1402517673598141
M=23, P1=6107086800, P2=15, P1*P2=91606302000, total=1402609279900141
M=24, P1=9669554100, P2=0, P1*P2=0, total=1402609279900141

You can compare to your program and see where the two differ.

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