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[Bug-gnubg] prunning and other things

From: Thomas Steiner
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] prunning and other things
Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2007 18:07:34 +0100

Dear all,

I like to analyse the game after I finished it, so that i can see
where I made mistakes etc.
Is it possible to set the game analysis such that it is analysing the
game while I am thinking and playing? It will then finish the game
analysis immediately after the game is finished.
Please let me know if this is possible.

Is it possible to use a button for the game analysis (so I don't have
to click twice on the menu, but once on the toolbar)?

When I go to settings->path and then i click on "change" (German:
"Verändere"), I get an error "not implemented, use the set path
command instead".

If the OS username is "Öltan", the first letter ("Ö") of the player
cannot be displayed properly.

I go to settings->options->sound to set sound on/off. I like the sound
of the dice, but not this welcome and bye-bye music. Is it possible to
get more influence on this?

I like the temperature map. Is it possible to see it always just below
the moves, next to the analysis?

Is it possible to export my settings to a file and load it for another user?

I use GNUBG Version 0.15-mingw (build Jul  4 2007) under MS Windows Vista.

Thank you very much for this wonderful piece of software!

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