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Re: [Bug-gnubg] Compile on Win : bunch of questions

From: Øystein Johansen
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] Compile on Win : bunch of questions
Date: Wed, 09 Nov 2005 13:36:28 +0100

------ Opprinnelig melding ------
Fra: address@hidden
> I've noticed that the evaluation/analysis is two times
> slower (same settings) thant with my "old" gnubg build
> (the setup archive available at www.gnubg.org).

Have you got SSE vectorisation?

An other thing is that the builds at www is compiled with gcc 4.0.x, which 
makes slightly better code. (Shouldn't be twice as slow, based on this only 

> Taking a look at the two .gbubgautorc files
> I've noticed that the "old" one has pruning
> on while the new one hasn't : can this be the
> reason ?

How do you measure? Do you use the Analysis->Evaluation speed->Calibate 

In that case the pruning nets are not used at all during the calibration and 
should not matter at all.

> If yes, how do I switch pruning on from the GUI
> (is the "set" command the only way ?!) ?

There is a checkbox in each evalcontext.

> If not, may it be due to the different
> gtk version (1.3 vs 2.x) ?

GTK 2.x is bigger and slower than gtk 1.3, but this should not matter much.

> Also, can I compile with python support ?


I have successfully compiled GNU Backgammon with Python support with Python 
2.4. Get and install Python 2.4 from www.python.org. (I also suggest Mark 
Hammonds Win32 extensions, I find them really cute, but you won't need them for 
compiling GNU Backgammon)

> (guess that uncomment "#define USE_PYTHON 1" in config.h
> is the first step)

Good start. Also in the top makefile make sure there is a include path to where 
the python include files are. A line like -I/Python24/include

In the LIBS section you should add -lpython24

In the LIBPATH section you should add -L/Python24/libs

(I would have done a 'make clean' before builing)

 I M P O R T A N T

When you try to run this, it won't work!
To fix that we have to do a dirty trick. Get the corresponding Python zip 
archive from here:

extract the python24.dll file from this and put it in c:\windows\system32\ 
(Rename the original in case something goes wrong.)

Now your GNU Backgammon executable should work with Python support.


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