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[Bug-gnubg] Gnug built on Win (finally)

From: Massimiliano . Maini
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] Gnug built on Win (finally)
Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2005 12:59:30 +0100

I've managed to succeed in building latest gnubg sources under Win (XP).
Thanks to Jon for the instructions on how to setup the environment (btw,
I've modified the makefiles, config.h and the .bat file in order to be
able to build command-line or gui, with or without python) and thanks to
Oystein for helping with the python stuff (you were right : just
python binaries and using "your" python24.dll is enough [even if put in
root dir instead of windows/system32]).

1) Python problem (minor) : unable to start IDLE from gnubg
IDLE code imports module sys and tries to use sys.argv and that causes an
error (module has no attribute argv). Normally sys module has attribute
argv (I checked in standalone python) but when python is "called" from
gnubg it hasn't ... python experts somewhere ?

2) Clipboard problem (major) : I do belive there's something wrong in the
new (GTK2) code that copies hint/analysis of a checker move to the
(well, it just doesn't work, bt copying to the clipboard the hint/analysis
of a cube decision does work).

I tried to investigate but I have zero knowledge of GTK. However it
seems that :

-- the "Copy" button (gtckchequer.c, 545) has a signal poiting to the
"MoveListCopy" that does a "UserCommand("xcopy")" i.e. a "CommandXCopy" aka
a "GTKCopy()".

-- FOR GTK : the list widget has a "select-row" signal (gtkmovelist.c, 173)
pointing to the function "HintSelect" (GTK version, gtkchequer.c, 621) and
a "selection_get" signal (gtkmovelist.c, 179) pointing to the function
"HintGetSelection" (gtkchequer.c, 652). This last function calls
"MoveListCopyData" and "gtk_selection_date_set".

-- FOR GTK2 : the list widget has only a "changed" signal (gtkmovelist,
poiting to the function "HintSelect" (gtkchequer.c, 601).

It looks like there's no equivalent of the GTK function "HintGetSelection"
for GTK2 code, hance no calls to "gtk_selection_date_set", hence GTKCopy
will copy no data to the clipboard.

If a GTK/GTK2 wizard can take a look ... I was also amazed by the diversity
of the code that copies a cube decision hint/analysis to the clipboard
to the code that does the same for chequer moves ... the first uses the
function "TextToClipboard" (that uses "WinCopy" on WIN32 and
otherwise), the second "GTKCopy" ...

3) How do I use the database stuff ? Any example ? Do I need to install any
particular DB ? Would openoffice one do it ? Do I need to install
python momdules ?



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