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[Bug-gnubg] compiling error: fixes for Solaris, and problem with 3dboard

From: Eli Dayan
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] compiling error: fixes for Solaris, and problem with 3dboards...
Date: Fri, 02 Sep 2005 22:00:06 -0400

Hello all,

This is my first post to the list -- I am trying to get gnubg running with 
3dboards on Solaris.  I am running a Sun Ultra60 with Solaris 10, using the 
SunStudio compilers (SunPro), and am trying to build gnubg-0.14.3 with 
3dboards.  The following fixes are necessary to first compile without 3dboards:
As an aside, I am running configure like this:
        CFLAGS=-fast ./configure

- error: "gnubg.c", line 3662: void function cannot return value
        - fix
                change: return GTKHelp( sz );
                to:     GTKHelp( sz );

- error: "dice.c", line 1126: undefined symbol: szOrig
        - fix
                change: char *szCWD = alloca( strlen( szOrig ) + 3 );
                to:     char *szCWD = alloca( strlen( sz ) + 3 );
                more on this later...

- error: "sound.c", line 580: incomplete struct/union/enum audio_info_t: ait
        - fix
                change: struct audio_info_t ait;
                to:     audio_info_t ait;

- Solaris/SunStudio does not seem to like alloca() -- the header is there, but 
the linker cannot find it.  If it's in some (other) library, I'm not quite sure 
which one it is, so I had to hack the configure script a tad to asssure
        #define HAVE_ALLOCA 0
A proper fix for this would be quite nice :-).

Due to above, gtkchequer.c needs some fixing... from what I can tell,
        - line 199 should read:
                move *ppm[10];
        -line 200 should read:
                const cubeinfo* ppci[10];

- finally, in the Makefile
        gnubg_LDADD needs -lX11

Now everything builds installs, and runs properly on Solaris (as far as I can 
tell).  Next step is with 3d boards... so, I installed GtkGLExt as well as 
FTGL, then do:

        CFLAGS=-fast ./configure --with-board3d
followed of course by a make.

For some reason, the FTGL includes on my system which are located in 
/usr/local/include/FTGL are not found, so I had to hack them in manually to 
font3d.cpp, a proper fix for this would be nice, too :^).  Finally comes the 
part where I'm stuck:

"font3d.cpp", Error: The function FTGLOutlineFont::MakeGlyph(unsigned) has not 
had a body defined.

I can't find a reference to said function in font3d.cpp, so I'm not quite sure 
what to make of this, yet.  Any further help or assistance would be kindly 
appreciated.  Thanks all for reading this.  Hope we can resolve these issues 

Eli Dayan

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