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Re: [Bug-gnubg] compiling error: fixes for Solaris, and problem with 3db

From: Jon Kinsey
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] compiling error: fixes for Solaris, and problem with 3dboards...
Date: Sat, 03 Sep 2005 08:55:05 +0100
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Eli Dayan wrote:
> Hello all,
> This is my first post to the list -- I am trying to get gnubg running with 
> 3dboards on Solaris.  I am running a Sun Ultra60 with Solaris 10, using the 
> SunStudio compilers (SunPro), and am trying to build gnubg-0.14.3 with 
> 3dboards.  The following fixes are necessary to first compile without 
> 3dboards:
> As an aside, I am running configure like this:
>       CFLAGS=-fast ./configure
> - error: "gnubg.c", line 3662: void function cannot return value
>       - fix
>               change: return GTKHelp( sz );
>               to:     GTKHelp( sz );

I think this has been fixed in the latest code.

> Due to above, gtkchequer.c needs some fixing... from what I can tell,
>       - line 199 should read:
>               move *ppm[10];
>       -line 200 should read:
>               const cubeinfo* ppci[10];

I think you mean this code:
        move **ppm = malloc( c * sizeof (move *));
        cubeinfo** ppci = malloc( c * sizeof (cubeinfo *));
I think that should compile?

> Next step is with 3d boards... 

To get going you might want to first try it without FTGL (you'll need
glut for some basic fonts).

> so, I installed GtkGLExt as well as FTGL, then do:
>       CFLAGS=-fast ./configure --with-board3d
> followed of course by a make.
> For some reason, the FTGL includes on my system which are located in 
> /usr/local/include/FTGL are not found, so I had to hack them in manually to 
> font3d.cpp, a proper fix for this would be nice, too :^).

FTGL is a bit hit and miss - you probably want to hack the makefile /
try to fix configure.

>  Finally comes the part where I'm stuck:
> "font3d.cpp", Error: The function FTGLOutlineFont::MakeGlyph(unsigned) has 
> not had a body defined.
> I can't find a reference to said function in font3d.cpp, so I'm not quite 
> sure what to make of this, yet.  Any further help or assistance would be 
> kindly appreciated.  Thanks all for reading this.  Hope we can resolve these 
> issues soon!

It's referenced by MyOutlineFont.  Try this, 1: Comment out the
MyOutlineFont class lines 36-44.  2: Replace MyOutlineFont with
FTGLOutlineFont on line 62.  This might give you a better error message.
Note that as FTGL is a c++ library, font3d is a c++ file.


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