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[Bug-gnubg] Money Session Equity Help

From: Lukas Bradley
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] Money Session Equity Help
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 15:06:05 -0400

I need some help understanding how to use GNU BG evaluation of money session games.  Specifically, how are unfinished games decided, and money changed hands, using cubeful and cubeless equity?


To help this discussion, I have some scenarios.  Player 1 and Player 2 are in the middle of a money session game.  They are playing for $10 per point, with a maximum cube value of 16 (no one can double beyond this).  Both players have agreed that if anything happens in the middle of a game, and it can not continue, they will use GNU BG to decide what monies should be paid.


Please help me do the math on each of these items.  Thanks.


1.  Player 1 leaves the game (on roll) because his wife has just gone into labor.  With the cube at 4, GNU BG decides cubeful equity at 0.78866 and cubeless equity at 0.82949.


2.  Player 1 (on roll) is arrested for public lewdfulness, and the cube is at 16.  GNU BG places cubeful equity at 1.13451 and cubeless equity at 1.16333.


3.  Player 2 (on roll) gets too drunk and passes out at the table.  The cube was at 2, and GNU BG spits out -2.09343 cubeful equity.


4.  Player 2 decides that pursuing a femme fatale is more important than finishing the session (he's on roll).  The cube was at 1, and GNU BG spits out 0.09343 cubeful equity.


Any help appreciated.

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