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Re: [Bug-gnubg] Money Session Equity Help

From: Øystein Johansen
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] Money Session Equity Help
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 22:33:18 +0200
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Lukas Bradley wrote:
| I need some help understanding how to use GNU BG evaluation of money
|  session games.  Specifically, how are unfinished games decided, and
|  money changed hands, using cubeful and cubeless equity?

As long as the cube is in play I would use the cubeful equity.

| To help this discussion, I have some scenarios.  Player 1 and Player
| 2 are in the middle of a money session game.  They are playing for
| $10 per point, with a maximum cube value of 16 (no one can double
| beyond this). Both players have agreed that if anything happens in
| the middle of a game, and it can not continue, they will use GNU BG
| to decide what monies should be paid.

| Please help me do the math on each of these items.  Thanks.

I'll do my best.

| 1.  Player 1 leaves the game (on roll) because his wife has just gone
|  into labor.  With the cube at 4, GNU BG decides cubeful equity at
| 0.78866 and cubeless equity at 0.82949.

Ignoring the 16 cube limit. Player 2 ows 4 * $10 * 0.78866 for this
game. $31.54

(Note that the 16 cube limit can make a little different equity, but
normally it won't.)

| 2.  Player 1 (on roll) is arrested for public lewdfulness, and the
| cube is at 16.  GNU BG places cubeful equity at 1.13451 and cubeless
| equity at 1.16333.

Since the cube can't be turned any further a fair settlement would be 16
* $10 * 1.16333 = $186.28

.... and quit playing him...

| 3.  Player 2 (on roll) gets too drunk and passes out at the table.
| The cube was at 2, and GNU BG spits out -2.09343 cubeful equity.

If he was this drunk I wouldn't have played him unless I really needed
the money. Playing drunk people can really make you a big income, but
some of us have moral standards against this. We once had a chouette
going here, and one of the players was always drunk, and is was like
playing chouette with added prize money. You could make a good income
but it wasn't really fun since it actually was really painful socialy.

Back to question: Make him pay the the $40 dollars before he passes out,
and be happy even though it should be be paying $41.9.

| 4.  Player 2 decides that pursuing a femme fatale is more important
| than finishing the session (he's on roll).  The cube was at 1, and
| GNU BG spits out 0.09343 cubeful equity.

Whisper to him that you also think her tits looks good and settle for a
wash. That's the best you can do. But you own him 93 cents.

| Any help appreciated.

BTW: Read the Gaby Horowitz quiz in Kleinman.

- -Øystein
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