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bug#42708: Let users copy "*Char Help*" buffer

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#42708: Let users copy "*Char Help*" buffer
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 2020 11:41:04 -0800 (PST)

> >> No other effect, cursor-in-echo-area was necessary when
> >> 'read-char-choice' relied on 'read-key'.
> >
> > Seriously?  You've not only introduced a new function,
> > `read-char-from-minibuffer', AND used it here and there
> > (everywhere?) in place of `read-char` and `read-key`,
> > but you've ALSO changed the behavior of `read-char-choice`,
> > so it too no longer reads a char in the longstanding,
> > useful way, which we can count to NOT use the minibuffer?
> This is a false accusation.  I have NOT changed the behavior of
> `read-char-choice`,

It was actually a question, not an accusation, but yes, the
word order wasn't interrogative, unfortunately.  Instead of
"You're going to the store?", I should have asked it as
"Are you going to the store?"

Apologies, if you did not, in fact, change `read-char-choice'.
That answers the question in a way that reassures me.

My question was in response to your message where (I thought)
you described some changes ("clean-up") to `read-char-choice',
including (I thought) that it no longer uses `read-key', and
you then said:

  "what remains in 'read-char-choice' after this clean-up,
   is just a call to 'read-char-from-minibuffer'..."

If `read-char-choice' will not, in fact, be changed to use
`read-char-from-minibuffer' then that will be good, IMO.
I hope such a change does not occur; let me put it that way.

Again, apologies if I misunderstood, and for any heard
false accusations.

As you know, I'm not happy about uses of `read-char' etc.
having been replaced by `read-char-from-minibuffer'.  I
also wouldn't be happy about wholesale replacement of uses
of `read-char-choice' by `read-char-from-minibuffer'.
Maybe it makes sense to replace some such occurrences, but
it would be good to see some justification case by case.

But if `read-char-choice' can itself remain in the
`read-char', `read-event', `read-key', etc. camp, then at
least that will be good, IMO.  Thx.

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