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bug#42708: Let users copy "*Char Help*" buffer

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: bug#42708: Let users copy "*Char Help*" buffer
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 2020 09:32:12 +0200
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>> > I also wouldn't be happy about wholesale replacement of uses
>> > of `read-char-choice' by `read-char-from-minibuffer'.
>> > Maybe it makes sense to replace some such occurrences, but
>> > it would be good to see some justification case by case.
>> Actually, only one occurrence of `read-char-choice'
>> was replaced by `read-char-from-minibuffer'.
> Good.
> Could we please know which occurrence you changed,
> and what the justification is?

The changed occurrence is 'dired-query',
and the justification is to fix the bug report #42708.

Also I checked other 4 occurrences of `read-char-choice' in
auth-source.el, emacs-lisp/package.el, net/tramp-cmds.el
and progmodes/octave.el.  But apparently they use more complex
logic, so replacing them with `read-char-from-minibuffer'
is not a straightforward task.

>> > But if `read-char-choice' can itself remain in the
>> > `read-char', `read-event', `read-key', etc. camp, then at
>> > least that will be good, IMO.  Thx.
>> Yes, `read-char-choice' remains in that camp unchanged.
> Good.  Thanks for that.

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