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bug#39452: [PATCH] vc-git-state fails for filenames with wildcards

From: Wolfgang Scherer
Subject: bug#39452: [PATCH] vc-git-state fails for filenames with wildcards
Date: Fri, 7 Feb 2020 23:31:52 +0100
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Am 07.02.20 um 18:25 schrieb Wolfgang Scherer:
> Hi Dmitry,
> Am 07.02.20 um 00:00 schrieb Dmitry Gutov:
>> On 06.02.2020 16:59, Wolfgang Scherer wrote:
>>> When a filename contains shell wildcard characters matching one or more 
>>> files, e.g. `test[56].xx` matching both `test5.xx` and `test6.xx`:
>>> The command `vc-git-state` does not work correctly.
>>> The attched patch fixes this:
>>> -        (status (apply #'vc-git--run-command-string file args)))
>>> +        (status (apply #'vc-git--run-command-string (shell-quote-argument 
>>> file) args)))
>> Thanks for the report and the patch.
>> I wonder how many other backends commands are broken for files like that: we 
>> basically never shell-quote file names.

After some research, it seems that adding a pathspec magic to commands that 
support this feature is the best solution.

Here is a patch that applies vc-git--literal-pathspec, 
vc-git--literal-pathspecs to some git commands in vc-git.el. I have tested all 
augmented commands in the shell and some in emacs.

(defun vc-git--literal-pathspec-inner (pathspec)
  "Prepend :(literal) path magic to PATHSPEC."
  (concat ":(literal)" pathspec))

(defun vc-git--literal-pathspec (pathspec)
  "Prepend :(literal) path magic to PATHSPEC."
  (and pathspec (vc-git--literal-pathspec-inner pathspec)))

(defun vc-git--literal-pathspecs (pathspecs)
  "Prepend :(literal) path magic to PATHSPECS."
  (mapcar #'vc-git--literal-pathspec-inner pathspecs))

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