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bug#27816: 26.0.50; X protocol error: BadPixmap (invalid Pixmap paramete

From: Jean Louis
Subject: bug#27816: 26.0.50; X protocol error: BadPixmap (invalid Pixmap parameter) on protocol request 55
Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2017 02:17:21 +0300


On Sat, Jul 29, 2017 at 12:23:21AM +0300, Jean Louis wrote:
> 7dd72d7 address@hidden: pull: Fast-forward -- this is
> the version that worked without problems.

I have done

git checkout 7dd72d7

and then re-compiled, and I see the bug is still
appearing, frame is sometimes cancelled or broken,
does not appear.

I was searching on Internet and found this:

and then I am thinking, I have changed my default
font, and increased it. Maybe it is related to a

As in that version 7dd72d7 I had other font

Now I just use default font, enlarged. I will try
to reset the font back, to see how it works.

   Basic default face.
   [X] Font Family: DejaVu Sans Mono
   [X] Font Foundry: unknown
   [X] Width: Value Menu medium
   [X] Height: Value Menu Height in 1/10 pt: 173
   [X] Weight: Value Menu medium
   [X] Slant: Value Menu normal
   [X] Underline: Value Menu Off
   [X] Overline: Value Menu Off
   [X] Strike-through: Value Menu Off
   [X] Box around text: Value Menu Off
   [X] Inverse-video: Value Menu Off
   [X] Foreground: black       Choose   (sample)
   [X] Background: white       Choose   (sample)
   [X] Stipple: Value Menu None
   [X] Inherit:

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