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bug#24150: 26.0.50; New command: dired-create-empty-file

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#24150: 26.0.50; New command: dired-create-empty-file
Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2017 08:12:07 -0700 (PDT)

> But I don't think M-+ or whatever we bind that command to...

If possible, please do not bind `M-+' to anything in Dired mode.

Dired+ binds `M-+' as a prefix key, for operations on marked
files and dirs gathered recursively from marked subdirs, across
all Dired buffers.

It has been in use for at least 5 years.  I think Tino is aware
of this, but I'm not sure.

Again, just a request.

FYI, these are the Dired-mode keys bound on prefix-key `M-+':

M-+ C-t         Prefix Command
M-+ C-t c       diredp-image-dired-comment-files-recursive
M-+ C-t d       diredp-image-dired-display-thumbs-recursive
M-+ C-t r       diredp-image-dired-delete-tag-recursive
M-+ C-t t       diredp-image-dired-tag-files-recursive

M-+ !           diredp-do-shell-command-recursive

M-+ %           Prefix Command
M-+ % c         diredp-capitalize-recursive
M-+ % l         diredp-downcase-recursive
M-+ % m         diredp-mark-files-regexp-recursive
M-+ % u         diredp-upcase-recursive

M-+ &           diredp-do-async-shell-command-recursive

M-+ *           Prefix Command
M-+ * %         diredp-mark-files-regexp-recursive
M-+ * *         diredp-mark-executables-recursive
M-+ * .         diredp-mark-extension-recursive
M-+ * /         diredp-mark-directories-recursive
M-+ * @         diredp-mark-symlinks-recursive
M-+ * B         diredp-mark-autofiles-recursive

M-+ :           Prefix Command
M-+ : d         diredp-do-decrypt-recursive
M-+ : e         diredp-do-encrypt-recursive
M-+ : s         diredp-do-sign-recursive
M-+ : v         diredp-do-verify-recursive

M-+ @           diredp-do-apply-function-recursive
M-+ A           diredp-do-search-recursive
M-+ C           diredp-do-copy-recursive
M-+ D           diredp-do-delete-recursive
M-+ F           diredp-do-find-marked-files-recursive
M-+ H           diredp-do-hardlink-recursive
M-+ M           diredp-do-chmod-recursive
M-+ P           diredp-do-print-recursive
M-+ Q           diredp-do-query-replace-regexp-recursive
M-+ R           diredp-do-move-recursive
M-+ S           diredp-do-symlink-recursive
M-+ Y           diredp-do-relsymlink-recursive

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