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bug#23341: x-show-tip does not respect the value of tooltip-hide-delay,

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#23341: x-show-tip does not respect the value of tooltip-hide-delay, and the default tooltip timeout isn't configurable
Date: Sun, 24 Apr 2016 10:40:20 +0200

> Isn't that one more burden that we impose on package developers for
> essentially no good reason? Also. what do you mean by "use the value
> by default"? Do you mean to initialize a defcustom? That won't work:
> changing the value of tooltip-hied-delay would not update that of the
> corresponding defcustom. Or do you mean that all packages using
> tooltips should explicitly pass a hide-delay argument to pos-tip or
> tooltip or x-show-tip, with that argument being (or
> package-local-delay tooltip-hide-delay)? That sounds cumbersome and
> error prone: if that's how we want things done, why is the delay
> argument optional?

Package ‘foo’ would evaluate the value of ‘foo-tooltip-hide-delay’
which, by default, should yield the value ‘tooltip-hide-delay’ evaluates
to unless the user has customized ‘foo-tooltip-hide-delay’.  That value
should be passed by ‘foo’ to ‘x-show-tip’.  If you can think of a better
solution with less surprising results for the user please tell me.

> In any case, do we gain anything from hardcoding 5 as the default?

As Eli expained elsewhere this is an internal value which, ideally, is
never used.  And I fully share everything Eli said on this subject.


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