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bug#23341: x-show-tip does not respect the value of tooltip-hide-delay,

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#23341: x-show-tip does not respect the value of tooltip-hide-delay, and the default tooltip timeout isn't configurable
Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2016 19:08:43 +0200

>> A function that calls ‘x-show-tip’ directly should generally use
>> ‘tooltip-hide-delay’ as TIMEOUT argument.  If it doesn't, it should
>> provide a customizable variable to use as TIMEOUT argument instead.
> Maybe, but this isn't a documented convention AFAICS,

We can hardly say in the doc-string of ‘x-show-tip’ that

  This is an internal function; Lisp code should call `tooltip-show'.

and then explain how to call this function from Lisp code.

> and it's
> inconvenient to have to dig to find which default to set.  There's
> tooltip, pos-tip, 10 packages that depend on pos-tip, and probably a
> bunch more depending on tooltip. It would be nice to have one setting
> that applies in all cases where other customization has not happened,
> instead of using a hardcoded default. Don't you think?
> I opened this issue based on the experience that it took me some
> non-trivial amount of time to figure out that I had to configure
> flycheck-pos-tip-delay, and not tooltip-delay.

I don't know flycheck but ‘tooltip-delay’ is the delay _before_ showing
the tip.  Earlier we were talking about ‘tooltip-hide-delay’.

> flycheck-pos-tip
> follows the convention that you outlined above, but that convention
> wasn't obvious to me, and doesn't yield a consistent or very nice
> experience (any time I install a package that uses tooltips, I need to
> wonder configure its timeout, unless it uses tooltip — which I can't
> easily guess).

Any package that optionally provides its own delay for hiding tips
should, by default, use the value of ‘tooltip-hide-delay’ for that


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