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bug#22959: Emacs on Windows depends on libwinpthreads

From: Fabrice Popineau
Subject: bug#22959: Emacs on Windows depends on libwinpthreads
Date: Sun, 17 Apr 2016 21:31:31 +0200

I know you have been doing an amazing job at providing carefully configured binary packages
for MinGW, but the situation is little bit more messy with MSys2/MingW64. And I don't have time
to go the same way you did.

Let's do some cleaning then.
> and the dll list is:
> /c/Local/Emacs/bin/libasprintf-0.dll*

Shouldn't be needed.

Agreed, after checking.

> /c/Local/Emacs/bin/libp11-kit-0.dll*

You should tell whoever build that GnuTLS to omit libp11-kit, it's
generally useless on Windows, certainly with Emacs.

> /c/Local/Emacs/bin/libgnutlsxx-28.dll*

Shouldn't be required, as long as Emacs is not a C++ program.

> /c/Local/Emacs/bin/libcharset-1.dll*

Shouldn't be required.

>  /c/Local/Emacs/bin/libpangoft2-1.0-0.dll*
> /c/Local/Emacs/bin/libgraphite2.dll*
> /c/Local/Emacs/bin/libfontconfig-1.dll*
> /c/Local/Emacs/bin/libfreetype-6.dll*

Whoever built Cairo didn't take care of disabling features unneeded on
Windows for librsvg.  The result is a very fat build of Cairo, for no
good reason.

I have no insight on this. I think cairo is built independently 

> /c/Local/Emacs/bin/libpcre-1.dll*

is required by glib, itself required by cairo-gobject, croco, gdk_pixbuf, gio, gmodule, gobject.

> /c/Local/Emacs/bin/libexpat-1.dll*

Required by fontconfig.
> /c/Local/Emacs/bin/libharfbuzz-0.dll*

Is required by libfreetype-6.dll
Which itself is required by libcairo-2.dll

Are these also from librsvg dependencies?  If so, they are just
ballast, AFAIK.

> /c/Local/Emacs/bin/libfftw3-3.dll*

Which library needs this one?

>  /c/Local/Emacs/bin/libidn-11.dll*

Which library needs this one?

>  /c/Local/Emacs/bin/libstdc++-6.dll*

Required by graphite
> /c/Local/Emacs/bin/libgcc_s_seh-1.dll*

Is required by libcairo-2.dll and its dependencies : libfontconfig-1.dll, libpixman-1-0.dll

>  /c/Local/Emacs/bin/liblcms2-2.dll*

Which library needs this?

> /c/Local/Emacs/bin/libtiffxx-5.dll*

This is for C++ program, AFAIK.

Agreed, removed.
> /c/Local/Emacs/bin/libgettextpo-0.dll*

Shouldn't be needed.

Agreed, removed.
> /c/Local/Emacs/bin/liblqr-1-0.dll*

What is this library?

> /c/Local/Emacs/bin/libltdl-7.dll*

Which library needs this one?



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