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bug#23265: 24.5; Docstring of dabbrev-select-buffers-function

From: Rolf Ade
Subject: bug#23265: 24.5; Docstring of dabbrev-select-buffers-function
Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2016 21:10:55 +0200

I see the following with GNU Emacs 24.5.1 as well as with GNU Emacs

Start emacs -Q

C-h v dabbrev-select-buffers-function RET

In the help buffer click at dabbrev--select-buffers (or move to point to
it and RET): Instead of the documentation of dabbrev--select-buffers I
get a wild error msg in the echo area:

apply: Wrong number of arguments: #[(fun file) "ÃÄ!ˆÅ=ƒ.ÆÇ    !Á\".È  É#.Ê
Ab‚*.ËÌ!)‡" [file fun location require find-func C-source help-C-file-name 
indirect-function find-function-search-for-symbol nil ...] 4], 1

(The real error msg contains NUL characters. I send them replaced with
. (dot). The real error msg is easy enough to re-produce.

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