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bug#20637: incompatible, undocumented change to vc-working-revision

From: Dmitry Gutov
Subject: bug#20637: incompatible, undocumented change to vc-working-revision
Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2016 21:58:02 +0300
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On 04/10/2016 09:09 PM, Michael Albinus wrote:

Why not revert 7f9b037245ddb662ad98685e429a2498ae6b7c62? I believe
I've mentioned that suggestion before.

Why that? That patch fixes problems. How would you solve them otherwise?

It just fixed the tests you've introduced a little while before that. I'm not aware of any related bug reports.

The new tests assumed new semantics, so you fixed them by changing semantics, thereby causing the "incompatible, undocumented change".

And what problem has been introduced with that patch? This one we are
speaking about, bug#20637?


Maybe you have mentioned this already, and
I've overseen this.

I wrote about that in the very first message to this thread: http://debbugs.gnu.org/cgi/bugreport.cgi?bug=20637#10

Could you show a patch which reverts
7f9b037245ddb662ad98685e429a2498ae6b7c62, and also updates the tests?
Maybe it is simpler to speak about this concrete proposal.

Unless you have a different proposal, I'll write and simply commit that patch.

But I doubt that's possible. This bug report was written on 23 May 2015,
it was marked as release blocker on the same day, and still no fix.

Not because it's too difficult to resolve.

But nobody has taken any action for more than 10 months :-(

I would expect that to be the responsibility of the person who caused the breakage.

Oh, there are regressions. ESR has undertaken his rewrite of vc*.el end
of 2014. Emacs 25.1 is the first release which brings them to the

There are regressions, but the questions you've been asking don't seem to number among them.

Unfortunately, etc/NEWS of Emacs 25.1 is very silent about those

That's bug bug#19548. Could we keep that discussion out of this one?

I might be wrong, but Glenn didn't write this bug only because of some
missing docs. I believe he was unhappy about the whole process, how
those changes did arrive. But I'm not Glenn, and I shouldn't interpret
too much ...

This bug is about vc-working-revision. It's in the title.

In general, VC supports the lowest common denominator across the
backends. Or at least, a feature should be supported in a few
important ones. CVS is on its way out, and ClearCase is a relatively
niche tool.

You have read my comment in vc-tests.el?

Which comment are you referring to?

At least CVS, RCS and SVN seem
to behave this way.

You've mentioned that in the previous message. Out of these three, only SVN is in any way recommended for production use these days. In any case, they're aging and only decreasing in popularity.

So it is reasonable to handle the case, that
directories are registered.

I do not understand this argument.

Anyway, the point is VC is for people to be able to write code
depending on the public API and see it work across many VCSes. And Git
and Mercurial, at least, don't track directories.

So what?

"So what" doesn't seem like a meaningful response to the first sentence above.

We could say in the doc that registering directories is not
supported for all backends. People who write a backend know what they
do. I hope.

We could say a lot of things. We could even say that every backend behaves in its own special way (and enumerate all those ways), but where will that get us?

Again, what's the benefit of introducing this complication?

But vc-backend
does already TRT: when a directory is registered, it returns the backend
name. When a directory is not registered, it returns nil.

It just does the thing that's more convenient for each backend. That doesn't make it TRT.

This is *not*
a statement why a directory is not registered, and whether registering
directories is possible at all for a backend.

Indeed, and that's a problem: if the caller receives nil, it cannot know whether that's because the directory is not a part of a VCS checkout, or because the backend does not support tracking directories.

This is a reason not to support calling vc-backend on directories: it leads to unportable code.

Note that vc-backend and vc-responsible-backend have different
performance characteristics (and, I imagine, different behavior in
case of nested repositories), so simply replacing all uses of the
former with the latter is not a good idea.

I haven't proposed this!

Good. I've just made a guess on why you've asked the question, and 7f9b037245ddb662ad98685e429a2498ae6b7c62 hinted at that conclusion.

> I simply want to understand (and document) what
> both functions are doing.

OK. It's not like I'm a big hoard of knowledge about them. To answer the questions, I've just looked at their definitions and usages.

> Which of them is taken by a backend is the
> decision of the maintainer of the backend.

I don't understand this. What kind of decisions would backend maintainers make about them?

I'm pretty much in favor to also document the differences in performance.


I haven't spoken about vc-register. I have spoken about
vc-registered. This one exist as general function, and it isn't interactive.

I see. But vc-registered is a relatively meaty function, and it has two callers outside of tests. That looks better justified to me.

How will we use vc-unregister?

Every backend can use it instead of its backend specific function, like
vc-git-unregister. It runs common code then like removing properties,
and calls the backend specific function then.

vc-git-unregister has no internal callers. Anyway, please go ahead with `vc-unregister' is you feel so strongly about it.

I understand that's low priority for you, and I accept this. For me,
while extending vc-tests.el, it isn't low priority. I need solid ground
under my feed, and therefore I'm starting with the very basic

My point was, the `unregister' command is a fringe one, not a basic one.

Understanding, testing, maybe fixing bugs, maybe improving
documentation. Function by function.

Sure. But I think we should fix the current bug first.

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