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bug#23231: Modeline popup menus appear below emacs window (off sceen)

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#23231: Modeline popup menus appear below emacs window (off sceen)
Date: Fri, 08 Apr 2016 09:18:54 +0200

>>   > The further to the right the tool button is, the
>>   > longer the distance to the tooltip becomes.
>> To the right of what - the left edge of the display or the left edge
>> of
> The offset is relative to the left and top edge of the display
>> the Emacs frame?  Also IIUC x- and y-offsets are affected: Are they
>> off
>> by the same amounts or proportional to the size of the display?
> It seems to be proportional to the display
>> What happens when you hold the Ctrl key together with a mouse click
>> to
>> show the Buffer or the Major Mode menus?  Are these menus off as
>> well?
> Yes

All these indicate a problem with dpi scaling.  You might want to read
the following threads for comparison:


Maybe you could also try the patch proposed in one of them.

> I compiled these versions:
> emacs-24.4 same issue
> emacs-25.1.50      same issue
> emacs-23.4 WORKS (but has other issues)

Thanks.  I have no idea why this should work on emacs-23.4.  What are
the "other issues" you see there?


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