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bug#23231: Modeline popup menus appear below emacs window (off sceen)

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#23231: Modeline popup menus appear below emacs window (off sceen)
Date: Thu, 07 Apr 2016 10:48:29 +0200

> This is a click in the mode-line.

I see.

> Tooltips are actually misplaced too, I did not notice that because I have
> turned the toolbar off.

Tooltips and the toolbar are not nececessarily related to each other.
Most entries in the mode line have a tooltip whose left edge should
appear right under the mouse pointer when it hovers over an entry.  The
popup menus should appear centered under the mouse pointer instead.  Can
you roughly describe the relative positions of tooltip and menu for your
mode line entries?

> The further to the right the tool button is, the
> longer the distance to the tooltip becomes.

To the right of what - the left edge of the display or the left edge of
the Emacs frame?  Also IIUC x- and y-offsets are affected: Are they off
by the same amounts or proportional to the size of the display?

What happens when you hold the Ctrl key together with a mouse click to
show the Buffer or the Major Mode menus?  Are these menus off as well?

> This happens with no emacs configuration (I hid my .emacs.d).
> I'm using a macbook pro with retina display 2800*1800, I don't remember
> setting any dpi scaling.
> This was working earlier, unfortunately I'm not sure exactly when it broke.

Could you try with an older Emacs?


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