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bug#17441: 24.3; Should not offer to "create an RCS repository"

From: Samuel Bronson
Subject: bug#17441: 24.3; Should not offer to "create an RCS repository"
Date: Thu, 08 May 2014 17:15:56 -0400

Okay, so, I just went to "register" a file with RCS in my habitual way
by doing "C-x v v" to invoke `vc-register'.

For some reason, it suddenly decided there was some question as to what
VCS to use, so I told it to go with RCS.

Now the really stupid part: it wanted to create an "RCS repository",
whatever that is, and it *ASKED ME WHAT DIRECTORY* it should do that in.

(Looking at the `vc-rcs' package source, it seems its idea of making an
RCS repository is basically "mkdir RCS" in the directory in question.)

So, since I really didn't want one here, I told it to make one in "~/".

Then, it asked me the more familiar question:
"Create RCS subdirectory?", to which I always say "no".

There are THREE things wrong with this picture:

1. Making an "RCS" directory in some parent directory is totally beside
   the point; it might as well offer to show me pictures of cats.

2. If I nevertheless ask for a repository in the parent directory,
   I get prompted again right away.

3. As you can see, even `vc-rcs' considers creating an "RCS directory to
   be of questionable desirability: that was, after all, the one
   question it asked me. However, it doesn't even ask every time,
   instead, it look checks for clues:
   a. Do you have one already? No point making one then.

   b. Do you already have other RCS ",v" files in this directory?
      If so, you presumably don't want the RCS directory.

   Only if those two checks are both inconclusive does it even bother to

   However, `vc-backend-for-registration' just stomps all over all of
   that attention to detail and offers to create the "repository" before
   `vc-rcs-register' even has a chance to start.

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