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bug#16292: 24.3.50; info docs now contain single straight quotes instead

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#16292: 24.3.50; info docs now contain single straight quotes instead of `'
Date: Fri, 2 May 2014 14:28:48 -0700 (PDT)

> > > Down the road there may be a problem...
> > Is the problem just for `...' vs '...' or ‘...’?
> Not sure what you mean by "the problem", but other characters are
> affected, yes.

You're the one who said there may be a problem in the future... ;-)

For me, the problem is that what used to be represented as `...' could
be represented as something else - IIUC it could be `...', '...' or

> > What about Lisp (and other) code, where we use ", ', and `, and none
> > of those should be changed to a curly version of the same?
> Shouldn't be a problem, as those characters should not be changed.
> Makeinfo can determine this from the markup in the .texi file.


> > ' ' (i.e., NO-BREAK SPACE, U+00A0) '真' (i.e., Han character 'real,
> > actual, true, genuine', U+771F) ¤ © ¬ » À Å ß à á ä å ç è é ê ì í ï ò
> > ó ö ø ü ć č ł ń ő Š š – — ‘ ’ “ ” • … → ↦ ⇒ − ≡ ⊣ ★
> >
> > Not sure why you let me know this (but I'm glad to have it).  A priori,
> > I have no problem with any such chars in an Info buffer.  Any problems
> > that I would have would I think come from substituting chars that
> > currently have particular meaning to Info (or to Lisp etc. - see above).
> Some of those characters do have a particular meaning.  For example, •
> is used for bulleted lists instead of *, so if info+.el is keying only
> off "*" (for old texinfo) it'll need to change to support new texinfo.
> Other characters are used for output displays.

I see.  No, Info+ does nothing special with bullets.  Well, it does the
same kind of thing that info.el does wrt bulleted menu items, e.g.:

(re-search-forward (concat "^\\* +" (regexp-quote nodename) "::") end t)

If info.el has to adjust for that then info+.el will do so similarly.
If not, not.

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