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bug#16292: 24.3.50; info docs now contain single straight quotes instead

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#16292: 24.3.50; info docs now contain single straight quotes instead of `'
Date: Fri, 2 May 2014 12:33:33 -0700 (PDT)

> > I've had a report from an info+.el user that his
> > build breaks the Info+ highlighting of names because '...'
> > is used now instead of `...'.
> Emacs should be built either with an old makeinfo, which should
> quote `like this' with ASCII accent-grave and apostrophe, or
> with a new makeinfo, which should quote 'like this' with Unicode
> directed single-quotes.  Makeinfo shouldn't quote 'like this'
> with ASCII apostrophe only. 

I thought Eli was saying that it does just that: '...'.
What am I missing between what you two are saying about this?

> Perhaps your info+.el user could investigate why makeinfo is
> misbehaving for them,

Can you suggest how?  What should he look for?

> and if they figure that out it might be nice for us to modify
> the Emacs distribution to stop the misbehavior.

I think this user might be willing to check, if we could tell
him how to do so.

> This should fix the problem without info+.el having to worry
> about which makeinfo version was used.

Great, but I would still want Info+ to be able to easily test,
using Lisp, which is being used in the current Info buffer:
`...' or '...'.

As I mentioned, it is a lot better to try to fontify just the
proper pattern, rather than to try to fontify both possibilities
at the same time, just in case.

Such highlighting is never failsafe anyway (it can be thrown off
by a solitary quote symbol etc.), and if a regexp tries to match
both patterns at the same time then that just increases the
likelihood of doing the wrong thing.

> Also: in a standard Emacs tarball the builder shouldn't ever run
> makeinfo, as the info files should all be prebuilt and up-to-date.
> Can your info+.el user please also investigate why that didn't
> work for them?

So you are saying that if he got Emacs from a "standard tarball"
then '...' is the fault of the builder of that standard tarball.
Which would be whom?

I can try to find out where he got the Info files.  I don't
think he built them himself, but I have asked him and hope to
hear back.

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