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bug#16553: 24.3.50; `file-truename' returns a cons? (wrong-type-argument

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: bug#16553: 24.3.50; `file-truename' returns a cons? (wrong-type-argument stringp (...))
Date: Sun, 26 Jan 2014 21:12:40 -0500
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> AFAIK, I do not have any code that fiddles with `load-history',
> but that session that I reported from involved loading a bunch
> of the BBDB code, so I cannot speak for that.  Grepping the
> BBDB files, I find no occurrence of `load-history' there either.

Look for current-load-list (since those sublists are first built on
current-load-list before being added to load-history).


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