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bug#16382: Cut/Copy tool-bar icons issue

From: Angelo Graziosi
Subject: bug#16382: Cut/Copy tool-bar icons issue
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2014 10:03:21 +0100
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Should we open a new bug report for this?


Il 12/01/2014 19.03, Jan Djärv ha scritto:

Copy does save in PRIMARY, but cut does not for some reason.

     Jan D.

2014-01-12 12:26, Angelo Graziosi skrev:
Il 09/01/2014 3.00, Stefan Monnier ha scritto:

I've installed a patch which calls force-mode-line-update when the mark
is (de)activated.

Hmm... it seems there are still problems, mainly with "cut" icon...

With a recent trunk build (GTK build on Cygwin, two days ago), I see

$ emacs -Q &

1. Now with the mouse I select the word "create" on second row of scratch
buffer. The "cut" and "copy" icons in tool-bar are active.

2. I click the "cut" icon and the word "create" is removed and the
"cut" and
"copy" icons are grayed (disabled).

3. Then I move the mouse pointer on the letter "b" of the word
"buffer" on
third row and...

4. ...I click the mouse-2 (wheel) to paste.. but it doesn't work, only
cursor is moved over the "b".

The same happens if in step 3., after moving the mouse pointer, I
click with
mouse-1 to move the cursor over the "b" before step 4.

If I repeat all the above steps changing the "cut" icon with "copy"
icon, all
works as expected.


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