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bug#5080: indic text is not displayed correctly in emacs shell

From: Parag Nemade
Subject: bug#5080: indic text is not displayed correctly in emacs shell
Date: Tue, 01 Dec 2009 11:09:36 +0530
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On Tuesday 01 December 2009 10:55 AM, Kenichi Handa wrote:
In article<address@hidden>, Parag Nemade<address@hidden>  writes:

It seems that the coding system for your shell buffer is
iso-8859-1.  In which locale did you invoke Emacs?  And
please try to change the coding system for the shell buffer
to utf-8 (C-x C-m p utf-8 RET utf-8 RET) and run ls and cat

    I start emacs in English locale and then shell buffer and write some
Indic text there and found rendering is broken but when same text is
copied to gedit its rendering correctly.
    I did what you asked and found still rendering broken with utf-8. I
even tried to run emacs in Marathi locale and see if it renders
correctly but still when I did cat marathi.txt, the contents printed in
shell have wrong rendering.
    I am using Fedora 12 emacs-23.1-10.fc12 rpm.
In this case, which do you mean by "wrong rendering"?

(1) As Praveen originally reported, Latin characters and
some binary characters (\2xx) are shown instead of Indic
(devanagari?, malayalam?) charactes.
That is why I sent you my problem separately and I am not sure how its related to what Praveen has reported. Let Praveen answer your query first.

(2) Indic characters are shown but with wrong rendering.
For me conjuncts are rendered as separately which is wrong which can be seen in screenshot I sent you already with comparison to gedit rendering.


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