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RE: M-x grep significantly slower in emacs 22 (compared to emacs 21)

From: WAROQUIERS Philippe
Subject: RE: M-x grep significantly slower in emacs 22 (compared to emacs 21)
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2007 22:12:59 +0200

>If you turn off fontification in Emacs 22, in addition to setting
>process-adaptive-read-buffering optimally, how does the time compare
>with Emacs 21?

note: it was not directly straightforward how to turn off font-lock for
   using global-font-lock-mode had no effect.
I finally managed to turn it off in grep-mode by adding a grep setup

comparing emacs 21 grep 
     with emacs 22 grep (no font-lock,  process-adaptive-read-buffering
set to nil)
the figures are now more comparable:

  emacs 21 takes about 13 seconds
  emacs 22 takes about 16 seconds.

(grep on the same file, measured 2 times, emacs started with -q).

In summary:
  without font-lock and with optimal process-adaptive-read-buffering,
  emacs 22 grep is about 20% slower than emacs 21.


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