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RE: M-x grep significantly slower in emacs 22 (compared to emacs 21)

From: WAROQUIERS Philippe
Subject: RE: M-x grep significantly slower in emacs 22 (compared to emacs 21)
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2007 21:54:26 +0200

Thanks for the quick feedback.

>Does it help to customize the value process-adaptive-read-buffering?

Yes, it helps (tested on hp-ux, I did not test on gnu-linux):
40 seconds with customization, 120 seconds without.
(??? in my initial report, I gave about 80 seconds. Must have done an
while measuring: I have tried twice now, and each time obtained about
120 seconds).

Note that even with this customisation, emacs 22 is significant slower
than emacs 21:
it seems that with this option, emacs 22 sleeps "less", but it still
significantly more cpu than emacs 21.

I tried the following test:
 create a buffer called *grep*
 C-u M-x shell-command   (date; ... grep command as launched by M-x grep
...; date)
  => this takes about 7 seconds to have the result of grep in the *grep*

 I afterwards called
  M-x grep-mode

The grep-mode tells that it is fontifying the buffer.
This takes about 17 seconds. (note that the "progress" of the grep seems
to show that some regexp are "more heavy" than others).

So, when comparing with emacs 21, the fontification of the grep results
takes significantly more time and reading the output of the grep command

also takes longer.


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