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Re: frames vs. weak hash tables and garbage collection

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: frames vs. weak hash tables and garbage collection
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2007 12:27:20 -0400
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> Your explanation doesn't show up in gnu.emacs.bug either.  Can you
> please resend?

Hmm... not sure what's going on.  There's not much more to send.

> By the way, great work in tracking the problem down!


> I suppose this means frames are never being garbage collected at all?

Not at all: the array of recent input events (as the name implies) only keep
recent events, so after some number of events (300, more precisely) the
reference disappears, making it possible to collect the frame.
The reference from `values' is just due to the fact that you run
`reproduce-bug' from M-: and that its return value contains the frame, so
it's a rather unusual circumstance.

But it seems that `values' is never flushed, so it is a source of leaks.
We should probably fix it (I'd remove it since almost noone even knows that
it exists, but I guess Richard uses it once in a blue moon).


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