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Re: frames vs. weak hash tables and garbage collection

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: Re: frames vs. weak hash tables and garbage collection
Date: Sun, 02 Sep 2007 04:00:46 +0200
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() Joe Wells <address@hidden>
() 01 Sep 2007 21:03:26 -0400

   > maybe you have "too much" memory.

   What do you mean?

i confesss not looking into emacs' gc innards (yet); the
comment was motivated by fuzzy remembrance of some gc systems
that reclaim "enough" (but not all) to keep going.  if emacs
is like that, then maybe "enough" was reclaimed (but not the
dead frame).  if so, we would need to increase the garbage
creation to get past the threshold.  see following:

   > did you try 100 (1000?) gc passes?

   Yes, I've just now tried with 1000 repetitions [...] makes
   no difference; I still get the bug.

how about doing a lot of consing before or in between?  maybe:

(make-list 100000 (random))
(loop repeat 1000 do (progn (make-list 10000 (random))

btw, these are just idle suggestions, please don't take them
too seriously.  i really dislike making them when bug-hunting,
but the ignorantly curious side of me prevails sometimes...


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